Online PT – does it work?

Online Personal Training is increasing in popularity – but before you part with your cash, how effective is it? What is online PT? It’s tailored exercise programming and training, designed by a PT, to meet your goals, but when you train you are not necessarily with your trainer. What’s are

The art of the Pull Up..

Why is a Pull-Up so great? A Pull-Up is a compound exercise which works a large number of muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms all at once, so it’s a great overall (compound) exercise that delivers a lot in one hit (though they are hard!). How do I do

Everyone’s talking about Pilates…

Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation Pilates is a form of conditioning exercise that places particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing. It helps to build strength, flexibility, restore skeletal function and neuromuscular coordination. Focusing on the core: abdominals, pelvis and back it promotes optimal spine alignment and

Crippling Cramps….

There is much debate over the causes of cramps, this blog offers a little insight into these erratic but annoying episodes! What is a muscle cramp? Cramps are involuntary spasms where the muscle forcibly contracts or shortens causing tightness and sudden intense pain and cannot readily relax. A cramping muscle

Beach Body Lean..

What? A new, six week, all ladies, outdoor plan to get you looking bikini hot this summer. Where? Branksome – a quiet leafy car park. When? Wednesday morning 9:30-10:30am. Starts Wednesday 17th June. Equipment? You need to bring a mat, good trainers, water. Everything else is provided. Doing what? Speed