Pilates builds strength, flexibility and neuromuscular coordination and can restore the body’s ‘balance’ through re-education of muscular and skeletal function. It improves breath pattern and enhances body awareness particularly of the core i.e. the abdominals, pelvis and back and with its focus spine alignment, is excellent for improving posture.

Pilates is one of the safest forms of exercise, and is beneficial for just about everyone. Every exercise in the Pilates repertoire can be modified to the needs of the individual, so it is accessible to everyone regardless of age, mobility or experience. It can also be undertaken by those with medical conditions, injuries and other limitations and as such is often used as a reintroduction to exercise and to prevent (re)injury.

Fit2you teaches the mat-based Stott method with equipment such as the fitness circle, foam roller, theraband and toning balls.

£45 per hour, discounts on block bookings.

Written by: Jo Gaskill

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