Crippling Cramps….

There is much debate over the causes of cramps, this blog offers a little insight into these erratic but annoying episodes! What is a muscle cramp? Cramps are involuntary spasms where the muscle forcibly contracts or shortens causing tightness and sudden intense pain and cannot readily relax. A cramping muscle

Sports Massage for Marathon Running

“The factor that probably boosted Paula Radcliffe’s performance more than any other is her ability to regenerate. Her regular massages were to give extra maintenance to the whole body. Above all it’s to give Paula’s muscles and tendons the best chance to recover from the heavy workloads she puts them

Poor posture can cause neck pain

Sports Massage with Jo Gaskill of Fit2you in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset can help alleviate pain and prevent it returning. Most neck pain that is not caused by trauma but has poor posture at its root. Modern lifestyles and working practice are increasingly sedentary; most of us are seated at