Sports Massage should be an integral part of any active person’s schedule. It is as important stretching and a healthy diet with physiological and psychological benefits including:

  • Helping nutrients reach the muscle tissues and eliminating waste products thereby promoting recovery
  • Stretching the tissues and improving elasticity preventing loss of flexibility
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Restoring mobility to injured muscle by treating scar tissue
  • Increasing confidence to return to activity post injury
  • Enhancing performance and extending the overall life of your sporting career

Even normal daily living and the repetitive actions of work, sitting, driving, even the way we sleep, can cause postural adaptations giving us a range of symptoms from muscle aches, joint pain to tension headaches. Remedial massage can also help mitigate the effects of repetitive strain, alleviate tension headaches, and reverse occupational posture problems.

£36 for 45 minutes | £45 for 60 minutes (home visits minimum of 60 mins)

Discounts available on block bookings.

If you are treating postural issues or injuries, you may also benefit from Pilates.

We’re also available for pre- and post-race massage and events work.

Written by: Jo Gaskill