Online Personal Training is increasing in popularity – but before you part with your cash, how effective is it?

What is online PT?
It’s tailored exercise programming and training, designed by a PT, to meet your goals, but when you train you are not necessarily with your trainer.

What’s are the pros?
It offers the flexibility of working out at a time and location of your choice, so if you’re away on business you don’t have to skip your PT, you just get down and sweaty in your hotel room. And in the global world that we are, online PT means that if you identify a wonderful trainer on the other side of the world – it doesn’t preclude you working with them!
Online trainers/coaches will generally showcase a greater portfolio online, in the form of narrative, images and video – so you can really drill down on their knowledge and skills – like a virtual interview. This allows you to ascertain if you’re compatible and with their methods – as this is key to both enjoyment and compliance and therefore hitting your targets.

So, I train alone…?
Not necessarily, there are generally two options:
1 – your trainer deigns and explains your programme and you train alone, with regular reviews
2 – you train with your trainer in real time but over the internet – i.e. on a FaceTime/Skype video call

What are the benefits of Option 1?
Having a programme designed but not always working out with your trainer beside you works well for motivated, well conditioned clients, with experience and good form. It keeps the cost down, from 1:1 time, but the regular review means you can query anything your don;t understand, technique etc. and are also motivated to ensure you keep on track and hit your goals.

And the benefits of Option 2?
If you’re not as well disciplined and/or motivated – even if’s due to really basic barriers such as having to make the kids tea of hitting a work deadline – then having a scheduled session where you have to show up – albeit over the ether – because someone will be waiting to ‘meet’ you (and don’t worry – the kids will still eat!). It also means that for less experienced clients, or those recovering from injury and/or experimenting with new exercises/techniques, you have real time support, spotting and feedback. This option will still generally be most cost effective than true face to face PT, but will be pricier than Option 1 – as you’re paying for access to your trainer for the duration of your session. That said, many trainers offers bulk buy sessions that workout cheaper than pay as you go.

So, how do I give it a go?
Fit2you has a proven record of delivering online PT that gets results, so give Jo a call on 07931 329552 to discuss options and get started.

Written by: Jo Gaskill

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