Week 1, Day 1

Exercise no. 1

TRX Bridge Crunch

From bridge with feet elevated and legs straight, crunch, bringing knees to chest, straighten legs and repeat.

8-12 REPS
Exercise no. 2

TRX Alternate Roll Out

From standing position with arms forward, one arms goes high, the other lower to challenge the core further in anti-rotation.

8-12 REPS
Exercise no. 3

TRX Clock Press

From standing position with arms forward in front of the chest, one arms bends, other goes out to the side straight as the body lowers into a press up position, repeat on the other side.

8-12 REPS
Exercise no. 4

TRX Standing Roll Out

From standing position with arms forward, reach arms overhead to change angle of the body to challenge the core.

10-20 REPS
Exercise no. 5

TRX Plank Crunch

From plank position, lift hips to draw knees in to chest.

10-20 REPS
Exercise no. 6

TRX Press Up

From plank position, bend elbows to lower chest towards ground before pushing back up.

10-20 REPS
bodyparts worked
Core, upper body, hip flexors
workout goals
upper body
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