The art of the Pull Up..

Why is a Pull-Up so great? A Pull-Up is a compound exercise which works a large number of muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms all at once, so it’s a great overall (compound) exercise that delivers a lot in one hit (though they are hard!). How do I do

Beach Body Lean..

What? A new, six week, all ladies, outdoor plan to get you looking bikini hot this summer. Where? Branksome – a quiet leafy car park. When? Wednesday morning 9:30-10:30am. Starts Wednesday 17th June. Equipment? You need to bring a mat, good trainers, water. Everything else is provided. Doing what? Speed

Skipping – the intense, portable workout…

Skipping or more trendily ‘jump-roping’ is an incredible form if exercise and more versatile than you might think – it shouldn’t just be relegated to warm up status – it’s a great workout in itself and even the the National Osteoporosis Society recommends daily skipping to help strengthen hips and