Online PT – does it work?

Online Personal Training is increasing in popularity – but before you part with your cash, how effective is it? What is online PT? It’s tailored exercise programming and training, designed by a PT, to meet your goals, but when you train you are not necessarily with your trainer. What’s are

Is exercising late at night bad..?

We all need sleep, but how much we need varies. And we all need exercise, again how much we need and choose to do varies, and some folk do none at all! But there’s a well known link between the two things and it’s mutually beneficial – as well as

Beach Body Lean..

What? A new, six week, all ladies, outdoor plan to get you looking bikini hot this summer. Where? Branksome – a quiet leafy car park. When? Wednesday morning 9:30-10:30am. Starts Wednesday 17th June. Equipment? You need to bring a mat, good trainers, water. Everything else is provided. Doing what? Speed

Skipping – the intense, portable workout…

Skipping or more trendily ‘jump-roping’ is an incredible form if exercise and more versatile than you might think – it shouldn’t just be relegated to warm up status – it’s a great workout in itself and even the the National Osteoporosis Society recommends daily skipping to help strengthen hips and

Sports Massage for Marathon Running

“The factor that probably boosted Paula Radcliffe’s performance more than any other is her ability to regenerate. Her regular massages were to give extra maintenance to the whole body. Above all it’s to give Paula’s muscles and tendons the best chance to recover from the heavy workloads she puts them

What is functional fitness?

We all talk about functional fitness – but what do we really mean? It is quite simply preparing the body for daily life – developing muscles to make it easier to live an active lifestyle unhindered by areas of weakness, muscle imbalance or inflexibility. It isn’t about training to perform