Week 1, Day 1

Exercise no. 1

Squat with Weight

Feet slightly wider than hip distance, toes pointing slightly out, keep weight on heels. Squat low, pause and squeeze glutes as rise.

Exercise no. 2

Bodyweight Deadlift / Good Morning

On one leg, maintain neutral spine and knees soft. Fold at hips, lowering torso as other leg elevates and reach hands to floor, rise to start then repeat on other side.

12-15 on each side
Exercise no. 3

Step ups with Weights

On step 20cm minimum. Push off with one foot and place other foot fully on step, other foot joins, then leading foot returns to ground fist.

20-30 (10-15 leading with each foot)
Exercise no. 4

Shoulder Press with Weights

Split stance, a weight in either hand, alternate extending elbows to push weights overhead.

Exercise no. 5

Press Ups on Knees/Feet

On hands -wider than shoulders – and feet (or knees with butt tucked in), bend elbows out and lower chest to the floor, keeping hips in line with rest of body, push back up to start.

10-20 REPS
Exercise no. 6

V- Plank

From plank position, rock back and reach hips high, then return to start position.

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