Tahini is a smooth paste made from ground sesame seeds. It’s full of essential vitamins and minerals and is incredibly versatile – great used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Tahini paste comes as hulled and unhulled. Unhulled is best as it’s made from the whole sesame seed, leaving its nutritional value intact. Hulled tahini is stripped of many of its nutrients.

Tahini has a plethora of health benefits, including being:
– high in unsaturated fat
– one of the best sources of calcium
– rich in magnesium, phosphorus, lecithin, potassium and iron
– a good source of Methionine, which aids in liver detoxification
– high in vitamin E and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B15
– 20% complete protein, making it a higher protein source than most nuts.

And thus, it helps to:
– promote healthy cell growth
– prevent anaemia
– maintain healthy skin and muscle tone
– assist in weight loss due to its digestabilibty, resulting from of its high alkaline mineral content

Some great ways to incorporate this amazing food in your diet are:
– In salad dressing with olive oil, cider vinegar, garlic and chilli
– As an alternative to peanut butter in satay sauce or simply added to stir-frys
– Blended with garlic, olive oil and roasted aubergine to make babaganoush or with garlic and chick-peas to make hummus
– Blitzed with banana, almond milk and oats to make a great smoothie

Written by: Jo Gaskill

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