So, everyone says you should eat breakfast because it’ll kick-start your metabolism and stave off hunger pangs, but you still don’t do it…

Whether you don’t know what’s best to eat first thing, have no appetite or can’t chew before noon, don’t despair, here are some great breakfast alternatives to get you set for the day, quick to prepare and just as easy to get down!

Oatmeal with berries – Half a cup oats, teaspoon of wheatgerm with semi-/skimmed milk/natural yoghurt and a handful of blueberries. Or an oatmeal pancake with berries.

Boiled egg with a slice wholemeal toast and glass freshly juiced/blitzed celery, carrot and kale.

Poached egg(s) on a bed of raw spinach leaves and glass freshly squeezed orange juice.

Fruit salad with nuts – large bowl chopped melon, apple, strawberries, peach, handful walnuts and almonds, and two tablespoons natural yogurt, or a small pot cottage cheese on the side.

Bran-based cereal with apricots and raisins – one third cup bran cereal with semi-/skimmed milk and glass freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Banana smoothie – blitz a banana with half pint semi/skimmed milk (or half natural yoghurt, half fresh-squeezed orange juice), a few tablespoons of oats and either tahini paste and handful walnuts and a couple of prunes.


Tropical berry smoothie – blitz papaya, pineapple and blueberries – add a little water if required. Enjoy with a handful of mixed nuts.


Avocado milk – blitz an avocado with milk with a banana for extra sustenance.


Swiss muesli – soak one third cup oats and tablespoon raisins, with just enough water to cover and leave overnight. Serve with yoghurt or milk, grated apple and pinch nutmeg and cinnamon.


Citrus medley and Mediterranean sandwich – segments of half orange and half grapefruit, sprinkle of cinnamon. Plus slice rye bread/toast with mashed avocado and three slices prosciutto.


Smoked salmon & cream cheese on rye bread and a glass freshly juiced celery, beetroot and spinach juice.

Written by: Jo Gaskill

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