These are my new favourite healthy, easy to make, no bake, snack and a kind of merger of a few different recipes.

Why are they so good?
Dates and figs together provide vitamins A, B, E and K alongside potassium, iron, manganese and magnesium and lots of dietary fibre.
Nuts are packed with protein and essential fats, and, for example, brazils contain selenium – great for immunity, and almonds provide calcium to help build strong bones.

Ingredients are basically:
1 x nuts – brazil, cashew, almond – anything works (I use around 200g and multiples thereof)
2 x dates or half dates/half figs (so around 400g to 200g nuts)
A few table spoons of cocoa powder – according to how cholocatey you like them

Here’s how:
– Blitz all ingredients together – in a processor
– Form into balls or squash into a tray as you prefer
– Coat/dust with desiccated coconut – makes them less sticky for easier moulding, plus they look prettier!
– Place in the freezer for one hour and store in the fridge – they last a good week, if not more. I leave some in the freezer as they are perfect when brought out later and means one batch goes further.

You can dabble with added extras:
– Maple syrup for extra sweetness – I don’t usually think is required
– A little coconut oil makes them more workable in and from the processor…


Written by: Jo Gaskill

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